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How does Ionco Ad Business work?

Welcome, dear users to the Internal Regulations for Ad Business Ionco! Please read the Internal Rules for Participating in the Ionco Ad Business Product carefully.

What is Ionco Ad Business?

(Ad Business is a free ad for companies around the world). If you are a start-up business or a well-known and well-known company around the world, you can start registering very quickly (with an active Ionco user account) and access the Ionco Ad Business Service.

Terms and Conditions Ionco Ad Business

  1. First of all, we can inform you that the Ionco Ad Business Service (is not moderated), we let it run freely easier and faster in terms of using this Ad Business Service.

  2. The Ionco Ad Business Service operates on the basis of strict and well-established internal regulations so that this Ad Business Service provides a great place to operate and use to register your Ad.

  3. Ad Business Ionco is only available (to legal entities that own an active Company) and operate on the basis of a constitutive legal act.

  4. It is forbidden to use the Ad Business Service for individuals who are not Companies or who do not operate on the basis of a constitutive legal act.

  5. Use of the Ad Business Service is prohibited for users who own a personal site or blog in order to promote personal ad content through this Ad Business Service.

  6. Please note that in the case of users who have violated the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Ionco Ad Business Service, we have the right (to remove the ads, delete the Ionco user account) and all Products and Services associated with it.

How do I create an Ad?

If you are registered with an active Ionco user account, are an active Company, and want to use the Ad Business Service, it is very important that you know how to create a free ad for your business.

Internal rules for Ad Business content

  • Create an ad that is relevant to your Company's business.

  • Your ad must contain a maximum number of characters, for example (letters or capital letters).

  • Do not exceed the number of characters in the Ad Business form because your ad cannot be saved in our database.

  • Create a very clear ad so that it can be more easily found by users in the search functions of the Ionco site.

  • Write your ad in capital letters only, and enter a valid URL from your business site.

  • For your own safety, please do not enter sensitive information, for example: (email, password, card) details that you do not want to allow other people to access.

  • Please be careful when choosing to contact users or when you are contacted by users online.

Prohibition of Pornography

For the better functioning of Ionco Products and Services, the following illegalities are prohibited, for example:

  • promoting pornography and explicit advertising material with pornographic content in posts,

  • promoting pornographic images in posts,

  • promoting pornographic links in posts,

  • promoting with URL pornographic content in the posts,

or any other pornographic content posted on the Ionco site which affects the security and image of the Ionco site is prohibited.

As a result, in violation of all Ionco Terms and Privacy Policy, we have the right to remove pornographic content of any kind, deletion of the account, and all Products and Services associated with it.

Content extracted from tabs Terms & Conditions.

Ionco changes policy

Ionco reserves the right to change this Policy at any time to keep the Ionco Ad Business Service clean. When you believe that a user is posting an ad with inappropriate content that violates this Policy, please contact us as soon as possible using the Ionco Contact link, select the option (report abuse) and submit. In this case, we'll review your report very quickly and take any precautionary measures against all users of the Ionco Ad Business Service. Thank you for your understanding and I wish you beautiful posts!

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