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  Posted: July 01, 2014

  Edited: March 14, 2022


Privacy & Cookies

Data storage

Ionco securely stores user data in our database, and information that has been visibly set by users is displayed transparently and securely based on several factors, such as:

Content extracted from tabs Privacy Policy.

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What are cookies?

A cookie is a piece of text created in the browser by our website that you access. With this snippet, the website retains information about what you visit on the site, such as Ionco Products and Services, or other settings based on your preferences. By using the Cookies on the Ionco site, your next experience on the site can be simpler and more useful at the same time.

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What Ionco uses cookies for

Ionco uses cookies for the following purposes, for example:

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What products and services does Ionco use cookies for?

Ionco uses cookies for all Ionco Products and Services and for all web pages with explicit informational content of presentation, orientation, regulation and execution.

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Use of cookies for the Advertising Service

As you all know, Internet Advertising plays a very important role for companies that pay hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars a year, to promote their business through the Online Advertising Service, for the reason that it is recognized and redistributed to final consumers.

Not all internet users agree with this Advertising Policy, but we all know that without an Internet Advertising Campaign you may not exist in the internal market and at the same time in foreign trade markets. For this reason, it would make difficult the activity of promotion, distribution, sale, development in the field of activity of the companies.

Ionco uses cookies for the online advertising service to users, in order to provide accurate information with content and to collect information based on the behavior and preferences of each individual user. Let's see what are the main basic factors for collecting information and making a decision by users, for example: (by cultural factors, by social factors, by personal factors and by psychological factors).

In the case of companies that use the Ionco Advertising Service and in the case of users who access these sites regarding the cookie usage policy. The Ionco site cannot be held responsible and is not responsible for those sites that use cookies, have a different policy from our policy, do not belong to us, or are outside the Ionco Privacy Policy.

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Other important things to know

Ionco does not use, does not allow access, does not alienate the databases collected for personal purposes or to other persons outside our Ionco Privacy Policy for the appropriation and obtaining of monetary benefits. Ionco collects data in a MySql database and ensures the security and confidentiality of your data.

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For which countries and continents does Ionco use cookies

Ionco uses cookies for all European countries, including all continents around the globe. If one or more countries are removed from the use of cookies, users belonging to those countries will be notified by opening a pop-up window with the countries that are excluded from the use of cookies.

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Setting cookies on your PC

To set cookies on your PC, open your browser and click on tools, then open a window and click on internet options. When you open the internet options window, click on privacy and here a window opens with all your settings and preferences for setting cookies in your browser.

Example settings

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